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09-01-2010, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ndgolden View Post
How about a friendly wager then to lighten things up. Keeping the original Bjugstad-Nelson-Lee thread in mind. All three are going to begin their respective college careers here shortly. Yourself and a few other friends expressed doubt Lee should even be mentioned with B&N.

I will wager ever posting on this forum again, if Bjugstad or Nelson post a more productive year than Lee. That wager should be easy for you to take. And if the stars align for Mr. Lee having a more productive season than the other two, you will retire yourself from sharing anymore insightful thoughts.......

Should be easy since Coach Jackson at ND plays a very defensive system.

"Captain blow it out of proportion guy"
I would tkae the bet if i get Neslon and Bjustads sophmore years. Lee is a year ahead of them.

I figure Lee will get about 8-12 goals and 5-6 assits.

Bjustad close to 10 and 10

Nelson 7-10 and 8-12.

Putting them all right at 20 points abouts.

But i take it, bye bye.

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