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Originally Posted by flyersguy33 View Post
well it sounded like Wilson was fine with his goalie tandem too, but went and did this. San Jose didn't need another goalie, they needed a defensemen. Now they have no cap space to go out and get a defensemen, unless they try and trade one of the 3, which is probably likely
I just explained to you, in the very post you responded to, why Homer isn't comparable to Wilson here. Homer isn't going to get another goalie this off-season. He just isn't.

The Sharks aren't gonna trade anyone. They just signed both Niitty and Niemi so they're not likely leaving. No one is in the market for a goalie.

They're gonna likely waive Greiss. Even Sharks fans themselves think that is what's going to happen.

Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Huet had a 2.50 GAA and a 0.895 SV% in 48 games with the Hawks in the regular season last year. Niemi had a 2.25 GAA and a 0.912 SV% in 39 games.

Same team, big difference in numbers. I'll take Niemi for $2M any day of the week.
It's pointless to bring up Huet to make Niemi look good. Huet isn't a legit NHL goalie anymore. Which is why he posted abysmal stats on a SC winner and is going to be playing in Europe.

Niemi is an average goalie who posted average to below average stats on a stacked team.

That said, I think about ninety percent of knowledgeable Flyers fans would take Niemi at 2 mil over what we have.

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post

Is Niemi overrated? Probably.

Is Niemi better than Michael Leighton? Absolutely.

Anyone want to rehash when Paul said that Niemi was getting offers way above his arbitration award? And all the people who believed him?
Yeah, I think Homer has made it absolutely clear ever since he re-signed Leighton that he hasn't been looking for a goalie. I don't know why anyone is hoping otherwise.

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