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09-01-2010, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
There was absolutely nothing similar to the initial Kovalchuk contract. Nothing whatsoever.
The only differences were the length and Kovalchuk's age at the end of the contract.

Both the NHLPA and the NHL had to agree to extend the deadline. So there's obviously something important going on involving both sides that was probably worth extending the deadline.

They haven't not met their deadline yet because it was extended. Until we know why it was extended, there's no reason to judge the NHL or NHLPA for extending the deadline. I doubt they give a **** because a bunch of people on HFBoards are too impatient to wait two days.
I don't really think the PA had much of a choice.

I also don't care about where Kovalchuk ends up, but the whole process has been ugly.

If they felt that way then they should have never signed Niitty in the first place and went after any one of the plethora of starters available.

Go ask Sharks fans how they feel about this. They're just as confused as I am from what I understand. They feel that Greiss has the potential to be a starter and they already had Niitty signed. This is a pointless signing until they drop someone and if they end up dropping Greiss, I guarantee Sharks fans won't be happy.
Potential only gets you so far. San Jose is in a position to win now and hoping and praying on a tandem of Nitty and Greiss is nearly as awful as hoping and praying on a tandem of Leighton and Boucher. If I was a Sharks fan, I'd feel better about my goaltending situation today than I did yesterday... and clearly I'd be in the minority on HFBoards.

They don't need to make a move, but their defense is horrible as is and the team, as a whole, could use some upgrades (which you need cap space for).

I'm pretty sure Sharks fans disagree with you on that one, as do I. No offense.
The only suspect part of the San Jose line up is offense from their defense. It's not stand out defensive core, but it's a lot better than even their own fan base is giving it credit for. I'm in the minority here, too, but I stand firm in my belief that they'll be fine with what they have.

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