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09-01-2010, 10:30 PM
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chicago = bandwagoners. don't even try to deny it. a lot of "them" admit it themselves.
oh, right, i suppose it's the "we love the team so much we have to tell the owners we're upset with how its running so we don't spend money or watch" argument. I have friends in chicago and while i'd never dare say they provide an accurate little sample of the city as a whole but they are incredibly "pfffft" when one of their teams isn't doing so great.

Who was it on the Wild message boards that was trying everyone to go along with that--like it would actually spark something or make the team try harder if we just didn't show up.

now...i'll agree that something is just not the same in the X. Don't know what it is. The bloom being off the rose, maybe, though I would have thought that would have happened before now. new ownership? maybe something just hinky about someone from Wisconsin owning the team leaves a bad subconscious taste?

edit: holy discoherent...i was at the fair all day and still googly.

edit again: yeah, the fact that the concessions turned to complete ***** with the new company and still cost as much or more, plus parking blows donkey. i work downtown and have a transponder or that might even be a deal breaker--$15 x 42 games isn't insignificant.

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