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10-03-2003, 01:41 PM
doc lafleur
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Originally Posted by galactus
I have said for the past 3 years that without grit and toughness you will not win the one goal games. Haven said that my first choice would of been a Grant Marshall, Walker, a Laraque etc. but when I came back to reality and realize that the Habs would have to give up a draft pick or a prospect to obtain the above I than understand why Gainey made the moves he did today.

Come the start of the season the Habs will score more goals and I will tell you why. It’s not because Langdon and Begin will score the big goals for the Habs but because with Langdon and Begin in the line up players like Audette, Bulis, Perrault, Dackell, Sundstrum, Juneau etc. will have
the confidence and the willingness to bang the net and fight for the puck in front of the net, something that they would not do before.

Langdon and Begin will let the other teams know that cheap shot season on Habs players has come to an end and respect will be expected. Other teams may still want to ***** slap players on the Habs but now they will
think twice before they do and will make sure they first check to see who is on the ice before they do.

I have seen Langdon play and he will win more fights then not and he will give the team respect unlike Dwyer who is more of a punching bag and in my opinion makes his team mates feel sorry for him when he gets into a fight.

Begin is not a fighter but will let other team know when he is on the ice because if they keep their head down Begin will introduce himself to them in a hurry. He will add some much needed grit along with Langdon and Begin will keep other players honest before the skate past the red line.

In all good moves by Gainey. Nothing exciting but very intelligent moves as he definitely sees what the problem is. Their will be more moves as players like Juneau, Perrault. Dackell will be eventually replaced before the season ends as young blood is waiting in the wings.

We still need help at centre desperately and as much as most Habs fans do not seem to like a player like Phoniex’s Gratton or the flyers Primeau without a doubt they would be assets to the Habs but the question is what is the cost.

my 2 cents.

Best 2 cents i have found in a long time.

Love your article, i agree with you. Those two guys will not score many, but will add about 10 pounds to every other player in the line-up. Will give Quintal, Souray, Dwyer some room to pick their opponent in the same weight class.

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