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09-02-2010, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by riels44 View Post
well as far as pepsi ... I'm not so sure I just heard he got kicked off
but as far as mustangs Im positive he got kicked off as he took numerous bad penalties had an awful attitude towards other players and staff and 1 game after getting a penalty he smashed his stick in the box and part of the stick hit and injured the timekeeper !

He was then called into the hall at the start of next practice where after being kicked off he swore at the coach and left

... And to good a player to throw off ?? It's summer hockey !
Not game 4 of the city finals for god sakes !
No......he never got kicked off no team ever period. He took a couple bad penalties only because he was a big kid playing with kids his own age who came up to his chin therefore everytime he would touch someone he was penilized for it. Very frustrating when your trying to play the game. I watched that entire game beginning to end. And do not recall no scorekeeper getting hurt as well, as for the beginning of practice is all bs as well cause he quit the team right after everything happened. More or less the parents pulled him. Same as with team pepsi, he quit because of the reffing. he played with them for the last 2 tournaments they went too. They wanted him back. The refs are real hard on the kid when playing his own age. When he plays with the bigger kids none of the above happens...none of it at all. He gets to play hockey how it should be played Have you ever seen him in his league games. It is totally how it should be...

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