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09-02-2010, 07:39 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Black Tank View Post
Avery is not going to find his game with Tortorella behind the bench. What I saw last year was a coach that wasn't able to use his assets and tried to make players play roles in the only system he knew. Half the team looked completely lost for most of the season.
i enjoy reading your comments. we happen to see things similarly.

ill add only this, and ive said before..... torts still lives in the past. the game has passed him by. his game plans, or lack thereof, and his in game strategy- or lack thereof, consists of running the gaby line out every other shift pretty much and then playing them on every power play.

he over plays his studs to the point of ineffectiveness.

he over plays his role players in situations where they cannot succeed.

and he under plays his 4th line causing stress on his top 9.

the guy simply seems to have failed to adapt. while renney wasnt perfect, he certainly understood what he needed to do to compete. renney devloped a competitive system around the players he had.....while torts seems to be stuck in the idea that his system will dictate the roles the players will play.

hes got it bassackwards.

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