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09-02-2010, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by ScottB View Post
Just a quick comment before sleep,
Don't be surprised to see Earl weaken some or moderately over the next 12 hours, looks as if Earl ran into an area of sheer to it's northwest that is tearing apart his outflow and dismantling the NW sector of the eye wall. If the eye wall does infact open, it will be extremely hard for Earl to intensify again as ocean waters will only get cooler and sheer will persistent.
By all means this isn't saying anything to write him off now, because once again, I could be wrong, but just posting my observation from looking at a few things before I head out for the night. I'll give an update whenever i'm up.
He's done a great job at fighting off dry air. More convections keeps popping up right after dry air kicks in. Still a very healthy fella. The 11am update should be interesting.

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