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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Noticed that Pavel Valentenko is at these workouts. Guess he's giving the NHL another shot.

Avery wasn't the only one having a subpar season. We're stuck with our captain for one because of his NMC but over 7 mil for 32 points only one more than Sean doesn't cut it either. The biggest issue with the team to my mind is the money spent on Drury and Redden which could have been much better spent in a variety of ways. These two are the albatrosses of the Rangers.

If you were Pavel Valentenko and you looked at our blue line, wouldn't you be giving the NHL another shot?

I want this guy on the bottom pair, I've been saying it all off season. So I was excited when he decided to come back over.

I'd rather not watch Gilroy's garbage again. Eminger is not magically going to find it after all this. The organization for some reason is just not high on Sauer.


I agree with your second point as well. The issue is people don't look at those as one thing effecting the other. Avery did not have a great year last year, but by no means was he awful for us or even one of our main issues.

Unfortunately people don't seperate things like you did and understand that. They just lump it all together.

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