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09-02-2010, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by whoisournextbure View Post
wow so when ur at a game and ballard throws a pass, you dont look at what happens after that, you just look at him and where he is on the ice after he passes?

ofc you have a better view if you're there, but when you watch tv you get to see what he actually does with the puck and I think thats more important than what he does when he lets it go....
but maybe thats just me
first i stop watching as soon as he lets it go because all i care about is talking Ballard up so when he lets go of it, my eyes automatically shut down on me.

second what he does/where he positions himself when he doesn't have the puck is as important as what he does when he has it.

Og, Squirrel, and all else-I'm sorry to come off as defensive as I see you as offensive, but I know what I saw/liked out of Ballard. I don't mean to tell you don't know what you're watching.
What I AM saying is that I liked him best for the foresight noticible to those who can see the whole rink...

lol we're shorthanded or I forgot a dot!

...but y'know? The cameraman shows Ballard passing then follow the camera up ice to catch the other team receive the puck....while the people in the building may have noticed OUR guy move from where the pass was going...

and no, he did NOT give the puck away in our zone just about every game. That was McCabe.

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