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09-02-2010, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by sherwood sniper View Post
Kinda outta left field, but I actually broke a guys Itech visor i half last night with a wrist shot. Kinda

Anyway...always been a fan of dish soap. I always let it dry first like mentioned above.
Funny. A guy on my team got hit in the jaw portion of an Itech visor/plexi cage combo (Concept 2?) a few days ago and it cracked the cage portion. Shot ramped up off of someone eles's stick. Anyway, a cracked piece of equipment is Much better than missing chicklets or a broken nose.

Luckilly, I play goalie half the time so I am used to cages. Never had a problem with vision in them from day one. No missing teeth (from hockey at least) and no fogging up.

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