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09-02-2010, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by skroob View Post
Benefits to subs are lower and lower every year.

No more media guide. Now its a whole dollar off of a yearbook.

The 'Tenure Chart' no longer mentions "gifts" to subs at the 5,10,25,etc marks. Now its just useless things like a discount at the store and a "complementary Sweet Spot". Makes no difference though, since i never got anything when i hit my 5 year mark anyway. Whatever.

The biggest insult is the food coupons, when are just SOOO generous, like buy two pretzels and a small soda and get a 2nd small soda for $1!!! Wow, what a deal! I only had to buy $15 worth of overpriced food to get another item for the exact price that it should be sold at anyway.

Of course, those $10 parking coupons are a joke too. They make it look like they are giving you value for once, when they know 95% of their subs don't drive to games.

I find it more of an insult they even bother with crap like this. Its a slap in the face.
Do they print media guides anymore? I have one from everyyear going back to 1984 and I could not find on last year. Everytime i asked at the garden they did not know what i was talking about.

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