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10-03-2003, 02:20 PM
Fire Bobby Clarke
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For everyone who does not see the point to my post...I am not saying forgive him because he is a hockey player...all I am saying is cut him a little slack because he is still a kid...If Snyder was not laid up in the hospital right now you guys would not be so harsh with your criticisms towards him.

As I know it is also mandatory to wear your seatbelt and Snyder obviously was not wearing his...I understand Heatley faces all types of charges...the law is the law and I understand that but I heard someone saying the Snyders familly should file a civil suit...typicall american always quick to sue someone.

Heatly is a nice kid I have seen him play hockey since his days in junior...he was always polite and down to earth when he was interviewed...All I am saying is give the kid a little compassion because he will need after the events that occured.

And no I do not beleive athletes should get a break and for that matter should not face stiffer penalties either.

Someone else above saying he should rot in jial...for what speeding and losing control...holy **** thank god you dončt run the country I would probably get 2 years for J walking.

I hope both players have a speedy recovery and that Snyder is able to play hockey again

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