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09-02-2010, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Rick Deckard View Post
But it affects reentry waivers, and that matters if he is #3.
I never heard that before. You just pointed it out in your last post that he can be claimed off of re-entry so it doesn't matter.

Originally Posted by Danny Duberstein View Post
it does matter because they can stash him in the minors if they so choose.

What, the two-way or one-way contract thing? That just refers to the amount the player makes in the NHL and AHL. The NHL game series has everyone believing that only players on two-way contracts can go down to the minors without having to go through waivers where in reality that doesn't affect waivers at all.

So, if we wanted to put him in the farm team or bring him up to the NHL, he would have to go through waivers. So stashing him in the minors would be a dumb move.

Not to mention the fact that it would hurt his development and we have no space in the minors for another goalie.

that would not be an option with theodore,
Huh? You can stash any player in the minors. It doesn't matter whether it's a one-way contract or two-way.

Regardless, it wouldn't be a smart idea to stash either Theodore of Greiss in the minors if we had them so there's no point in discussing it.

he won't sign a two-way deal, no way,
Yeah, it doesn't matter whether it's a two-way or one-way deal. Either way he has to go through waivers.

and with greiss playing on an entry level contract or at least a similar salary theodore won't be any cheaper (plus he will HAVE to go against the cap).
Greiss isn't on an ELC. Both Theodore and Greiss would have the same exact rules applies to them involving waivers regardless of whether they have a one-way or two-way deal. It doesn't matter.

If we stuffed Theodore in the minors his cap hit would be off the books, just like Greiss.

I'm pretty sure you have no idea what you're talking about to be honest.

he'd be easier to acquire but what makes him desirable ... at all?
He's an established goalie, has posted decent stats in two of the last three years, would be cheap, and is the only free agent left?

theodore is done.
Yeah, only because no one has signed him yet.

greiss could be a good goalie in the near future and if he is he has his whole prime in front of him.
To bad we're looking to win this upcoming season. We don't need potential. We need a proven starter. I wouldn't mind having Greiss as a backup, but he hasn't proven that he's capable of being a starter yet. Theodore has.

similarly, holmgren's repugnance toward another roster goalie is an issue with theodore, less so with greiss.
I have no idea how that makes sense. You just said that Homer has a repugnance toward adding another roster goalie. Which is somehow a knock on Theodore but not on Greiss? They're both roster goalies.

all that said, we don't even know if greiss is available. SJ likes him and they signed two guys to short deals who may or may not be there for any length of time. i don't see them rushing to move him.
They have three NHL goalies. Two of them, not named Greiss, just signed this summer and are more proven then Greiss so they're unlikely to be moved. So Greiss is the obvious choice to be moved.

If no one wants to trade for him or give SJ what they would want in return, both of which are likely, then Greiss has to be waived to put in the AHL. In which case, if Homer actually does want him, he can just grab him off of waivers for free.

So, common sense and logic dictate that there's a decent chance Greiss will be made available free soon enough.

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