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09-02-2010, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by UseYourAllusion View Post
They're 51-13 with 3 top tens and 2 conference titles in the last five years...not sure many "second tier powers" can claim that.
I understand their record. It's great, no denying that. But the quality of the competition in the Big 10 is very low and they're given enough guarenteed wins thanks to the weak conference and early season cupcakes (Youngstown St type teams).

The record is inflated and they are no where near the program they were in the mid 1990s. I'd like to see the record of the PSU vs top 25 teams since 2005. They're record was good last year but in the only two big games they had they were absolutely dominated...AT HOME by Iowa and Ohio State. When given a quality opponent, I bet their record is hovering around .500.

I love the program still. I went to PSU and I still pay for season tickets and make the trip every week there's a home game. I follow the recruiting very seriously as well. But for people who just look at the record and just assume their elite...well they're just ignorant, no offense to anyone. Are they in better shape than they were from 2000 to 2004? Yes. But their just a mediocre teams that fattens up on weak conference teams such as Purdue or Minnesota and early season dogs.

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