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09-02-2010, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
I used to hate JayPa but he's actually built two pretty good offenses around Robinson and Clark, and was pushing for Clark to take over for Morelli, but JoePa voted against it.

Listen, Joe's not the coach he was in the 80's, but as long as Bradley is running the defense, LJ Sr. is running the D-Line, and Hall and JayPa are running a pretty good offense, then I'm fine with Joe being a figurehead.

Bolden looks like a balance between Clark (passer with some run) and Robinson (runner with some pass), so developing him for 4 years looks good to me. 2011's gonna show you how good this team will be.
2011 should be a good year considering the kids they brought in during the 2008 and 2009 recruiting campaigns.

Robinson was good, I'll give you that. Clark was very average, Devlin should have gotten the job but JayPa can't run an offense around a traditional qb as we saw with Morelli. Devlin got a raw deal and he knew it. That's why he bailed, he never got a fair shake. When I was at the Blue and White game in 2008 it was very clear Devlin was the better quarterback, most writers or fans there would have told you that.

JayPa is also an abomination when it comes to recruiting. He was given Ohio as his territory to recruit, but he hasn't brought anyone in two ****in years...he basically waves the white flag. He was fired twice already at PSU: once as the TE coach, the other as Head of Recruiting...but his dad keeps finding a new job for him.

In fact, no coach on the offense side of the ball does any recruiting at all. Only Bradley and Johnson make visits.....Joe hasn't left his house to recruit in two years now. They're really struggling this year getting kids. Pitt and Ohio State are cleaning their clock in western's pathetic.

After Joe retires they're gonna blow the whole staff out, Jay won't be around too much longer. Moron has no business having his job in the first place, he only got it thanks to his dad.

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