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09-03-2010, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Preds Partisan View Post
So I'm at the Reds/Brewers game last night in Cincinnati and it just happens to be Bluejackets Night (I guess they're hoping to get better through osmosis?) First pitch, sell some tickets, etc. with Arniel, Howson, Boll, Mason, Brassard and a couple of other stiffs to sucky to mention, plus Stinger, the world's most uninspiring, unentertaining and uninteresting mascot. I'm sitting right behind the dugout so I'm close enough they can hear me, and I yell "Let's Go Predators!!" the whole time they are being introduced on the field ( not like Reds fans give a damn about the Jax so nobody is paying any attention to the intro anyway).

My girlfriend told me to sit down and shut up, told me I was being stupid and the usher looks at me like I've got three heads and wings, but mostly people around me thought it was funny.

Now I ask you, brother and sister Preds fans, wasn't this an appropriate response to seeing the vile and marginally talented Central Division rivals? Don't the Jax need to be reminded that no matter what they do or where they go (even a baseball game), the Preds are always there, stalking their prey, ready to pounce?

Or, should I have sat in my seat doing the golf clap?

What say you, Preds fans, was I right or was I wrong?
You did the right thing. A good "Let's go Predators" is never wrong.

Last year Mike Commodore threw out the first pitch and was on the TV broadcast for a little bit. I don't remember if it was on a random game on TV here or if it was on a game I was watching when I stopped in Cincy overnight last year at this time. But I do remember watching that. It must be something they are doing every year. (Which is actually a good idea, you know branch out from central Ohio and get on the radar in other cities.)

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