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09-03-2010, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
Honestly, unless Weber or Carle have amazing training camps where they consistently show something useful on the PP, Picard is going to be on the team. Heck I'd go as far as saying he's starting. Every year we think that some forward on our team will magically become the point man on the PP, and every year we fill the gap with a so-so d-man who has a good shot. Look over the last 3 years: Old man Schneider comes in late in the season and saves the day. MAB comes last year and does the same. And this year? Neither Subban or Markov are shoot first guys. Hammer is past his prime. Spacek should be the guy, but we all saw what happened last year.

Basically, all to say that if no one surprises at camp, everything points to Picard simply replacing MAB. I have a feeling that O'byrne will constantly be fighting Picard for ice-time, much the same way he did with MAB. And the same issue will arise: Picard can play on the PP, O'byrne can't.
1- There's no place for either Picard, Weber or Carle on a healthy Habs squad, so none of them will make the team unless an injury occurs, and right now, it looks like Markov will play the 1st game of the season.

2- Your argument about the PP is overblown. The Habs have Markov, Subban, Hammer and Spacek already on the PP and all better than Picard. Then, for some reason, you take out Weber and Carle out of the equation, yet both could give good competition for a PP spot where Picard is concerned. Also, Gorges has spent some time on the PP last year and became more and more comfortable.

3- OB will start the season in Montreal, there's almost no doubt about that. The simple reason is that right handed defense are much rarer than lefties. We already have Markov, Hammer, Spacek, Gorges, Gill as lefties. That doesn't leave much place for Picard. Subban, OB, Carle and Weber are all righties. Gorges can play on the right real fine. And Spacek is more used to it now.

But yeah, Picard is a Quebecer... right.

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