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09-03-2010, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
There is one place you must stay the **** away, it's Trebas.
Exactly, I was originally going to go there but bailed in the end because I wound up being kicked out of my house (this is 6+ years ago).

Anyways I called them and cancelled before the deadline (300$ fee for cancelling) and anyways long story short a few months later they tried sticking me with a 3000$ bill claiming I had never called to cancel.

I had heard bad things anyways as time had gone on so not being able to go sounds to me like it was a blessing in disguise.

Anyone know why Trebas is bad? Personally I'm not looking for a job afterwards, I already have a job that pays better than audio technicians etc. I'm only planning to go for the knowledge so if Trebas actually has a good program it could be considered. However for the price difference if it isn't worth it I'd rather go to Vanier. Vanier is known for it's music department I just don't know if it stems down into this 6 month program. However on Sept 16th I'm going there to check it all out.

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