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09-03-2010, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
Thank God Pronger is okay.

Something Holmgren didn't **** up.
this contract will go down as the worst move in flyers history. he did screw it up

in fact this is the worst contract in phila sports history. it was negotiated with a player on the last year of a contract for whom you had just given up 3 first round picks and a top 6 forward.

review any sport, to see if you can find a trade where a team gave up a overpayment for a player on the last year of a contract and did not have a new contact in place. when the phillies traded for halliday they had contract before the trade was made.

pronger was hinting after the trade he would like to finish his career in st louis. it was all over hockeybuzz with the st louis bloggers. can you imagine the reaction of the flyers fans if holmgren had given up that much and could not resign the player. holmgren was in a bad situation and had no leverage to negotiate with pronger. on top of that, he did not realize that the flyers would be liable for all years of a contract because he did not undrstand the cba rules on contracts. he had to give a 35yr old player a 7 year contract with a 5 million dollar cap hit that could not come off the books.

if you review players, how many 38 year old players are still 5 million dollar players.
i do not care how well pronger takes care of himself, after 35 yrs old, you start losing it. a knee today, a shoulder tommorrow. the flyers in 2 years when pronger is 38, theywill be paying him against their cap and will be deeper in cap hell then they are now.

if i were the flyers, i would hope the league would void pronger's contract and allow the team to get a more friendly cap contract

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