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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
why the heck would I want to go to Mexico? Is this not the place that if anything goes wrong and someone is killed in your hotel the police will try and blame the nearest Canadian. After the way Mexico has treated Canadians on vacation as Murders and Thieves in order to keep the Vacation money rolling in is something I will not forgive them for. I can vacation anywhere in the entire world, Mexico is no longer on my to go list.

I'm an expat in Mexico, 6 years now. Half of my time is spent in Playa del Carmen, other half in Merida, Yucatan.

No idea what you're talking about. There's millions of visitors every year, tourism is the #1 Economic Industryin Mexico.


About the bar on the Quinta (5th Avenue) in Playa Del Carmen, it's full of Quebecers during vacation time, and during the season, there's usually a habs flag outside. You can hear a lot of "criss de tabarnac" when getting close to it during winter.

I think the name of the place is End Zone (EZ Sports Bar)

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