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09-03-2010, 03:43 PM
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Breaking in new skates... narrow in the ankle of the boot.

Hey guys, just bought a new pair of inline Mission Lieutenants (I think an '08 product) from HM a few weeks back. I love the fit in the foot, but I'm having a heck of time getting comfortable in the ankles. I'd always heard that Missions ran a bit narrow in the ankle region compared to other brands (I've always worn Tour for inline, Bauer for ice), but I tried on a pair of '10 Missions at my LHS and figured I would give these a shot considering their clearance price.

My feet/ankles aren't especially wide (I'm wearing the normal width boot, always have), but I was surprised by just how tight these skates were in the uppers section. The skates have been uncomfortably tight on the points of my ankle since I received them. I successfully baked the skate as directed, and have now worn them twice just for general break-in wear.

I now have some pretty nasty blisters/sores on the inside of each of my ankles and can't even put the skates on until these have healed up. Does anyone have any insight on how to expand the ankle of these boots just a bit? Like I said, the rest of the skate fits really well. My friend suggested heating 'em with the heat gun when they're on the boot, but I'm always wary of using a heat gun on a skate, especially since I love the stiffness of the boot (even if it's causing pain for me at the moment).

Can I take these somewhere and have them pounded out a bit without compromising the structure of the boot? Or could I buy some sort of expander at a hardware store, etc? For now I just have a few pucks jammed tightly into the boot right where those pressure points are on the ankle.

Thanks for any feedback!

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