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09-03-2010, 03:35 PM
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Before anyone gets wound up about my post I was commenting on the post that said visors are about looking cool. I was not dissing anybody who wears one.

I went years without any face protection in Sr. hockey and was never hit with a puck or a stick in the face. When you play without one you learn to protect your face and most of the players in the league knew enough to mind their sticks. That being said I have noticed that a lot of rec players are not so courteous. Maybe they don't know better or maybe some of them are just a bit too spazzy.

Now that I am older I can't stand the idea of putting on a cage or a window because it is a real PIA. My vision is unimpeded and I am never wiping my shield or worrying about it it fogging because I don't wear one. I have also seen many guys get huge gashes in their lips and chin when a visor gets stuffed down on their face.

My dad lost vision in his left eye when he was a 19 year old playing Jr. He got a stick in the eye and ended his competitive hockey. He always gave me grief about not wearing a visor but I wouldn't put one on. This fact probably qualifies me as an idiot.

The prudent thing for most players would be to wear a visor and protect your eyes. I am just too old or too stubborn to wear one.

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