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09-03-2010, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by whoisournextbure View Post
dude you responded to my comment, and I replied that its doesnt really matter and I dont see the point in arguing with someone who sees the game so differently than I do when there's really nothing to argue about..

Cheap shot? come on i was trying to bury this discussion?!?

about the "better person" thing, its a figure of speech (cant believe I am explaining this) my grandmother used to say to get me and my siblings to stop fighting. so I decided to drop the discussion and "be the better person".

now i ask you, dont reply to this because i dont want to spend more time on this.

the end.
If you didn't want him to reply to your last post, it would have been a good idea not to end the post with a haughty question. And I think you misunderstood what your grandmother meant by be the better person.

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