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09-03-2010, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
That lineup was not correct at all. No Zabavnik, Karhan, or Kucka (though that latter came on as a substitute). There was Strba instead of Karhan, and Sapara also who I didn't like very much. He took most of the set pieces and kept making "moon shots".

My favourite player Stoch was I think the best player on the pitch. He kept making amazing crosses but nobody would finish it. Finally Holosko in injury time, but that was too stressful for me. Skrtel was an absolute force out there today. He made 4 or 5 amazing defensive plays. 1-0 SVK, very important three points IMO
Yeah, well that line-up was just a guess written yesterday.

First half was pretty bad, 2nd half was much better, it wansīt the worst game, but it wasnīt the best one either.

I agree on top players, this is the best NT game Iīve personally seen Škrtel play, I guess it is easier now that he doesnīt have to worry about Ďurica scoring an own goal. Stoch was great too, especially 2nd.

Sapara was pretty poor today, Weiss Jr. had a few good moments but a weak game overall.

Personally, Iīm definitely not a fan of the way teams like FYROM play. About 3 players upfront actually play some footie, the rest just creates a wall infront of the goalie. They also got some acting skillz, the audience had to feel like in a theatre sometimes, hopefully that red card will teach them better and they wonīt just try to slow down a game to get a draw.

None of the "top" teams in our group had a great start, I saw a bit of Armenia -Ireland and the Irish were pretty bad and very lucky to win that game. 2-0 over Andorra isnīt a dominant start for the Russkies either.

Way too many player on our team have poor decision making when close to the net, which results in us using the dominant ball possession for pretty much nothing, especially in the 1st.

Thatīs about all.....oh wait...
Portugal- Cyprus 4-4
France-Belarus 0-1
So far so good.....

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