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Originally Posted by TomLaidlaw View Post
It would have been a nightmare for the league to go back and start de-registering contracts they had previously approved. Marc Savards agent had already come out and said that they would have filed a lawsuit if the NHL tried to pull that on his client. I expect the other players wouldn't have gone quietly into the night either. Allowing a contract then voiding it a year later would have been a tough position to argue from in a lawsuit.

A lot can happen in that time. For example with Savard. He suffered a serious head injury after signing that contract. If the NHL voids his extension who is to say Savard will be able to sign a comparable contract now that he is damaged goods. What if Luongo tore his ACL in the playoffs. The NHL decides to void his contract and now he is sitting at home with a torn ACL and no contract. It is messy.

I never for a second believed the NHL planned on doing anything to the contracts they had previously registered. It was all sabre rattling.
I agree with you Tom.

My issue is that I don't believe they should have the right to change things until the next CBA then.

Either this is what they said it was, and that this was THE contract they deemed they could legally prove was being disingenuous, and they END it here, or you let things go.

You can't allow deals like this, not fight them because you don't think you'll win, then fight the won you know you'll win, actually WIN, and then say okay those all stand but no one else can.

It's a joke.

To me, once they decided to fight the Kovy deal they needed to show this was enough.

They already stated they believed that this was the deal they would win if they fought it, the others they weren't so sure about.

Well guess what? They fought it and won.

Why are they catering to the team they caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

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