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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Meh, call it what you want but if league rejected it, NHLPA goes to war. They made a deal, we'll protect kovalchuk and the current long term deals but this ******** ends now. The league didn't have enough power to veto the old deals+kovalchuk's and then bargain for new rules. New rules=we'll agree to leave the contracts as they are. People may say the league ****ed up but I disagree, there's only so much change you can make, and they make a big change(hopefully) in changing the contract structure for the better going forward. They had to make sacrifices to get it. It's called negotiating, not "it's my way or the highway".
Very well put. Lou pulled a fantastic move for the Devils here, making himself the last and biggest practicioner of the premier CBA scam- the front-loaded, fake-ended "we agree to lie" contract. Given that most of the other big cheaters- notably Det, Phi, and Chi, have already reaped big playoff results by fielding over-cap teams vs. legit-cap opposition, Lou's only done right by his own club, and also by the league. But then that's usually how things work out when you're a member of an elite boy's club. Of course you all win inside the club. Let the ticket buyers pay, duh.

The part I lament is I now get to watch one of the elite offensive players go spend the rest of his career putting fans to sleep in a half empty building. Respect NJ's success enormously. Wouldn't tune in to watch them play a regular season game against anyone other than the habs unless you paid me to. If one brand says "zzzzzzzzzz", it's Lou's Devils.

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