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Originally Posted by madmutter View Post
272mm-263mm=9mm. Thats less than 3/8". This is a very small difference that you will adjust to in time and it is highly unlikely that this is the cause of the difference in skating ability from one pair of skates to the other. If your old skates were just as good as your current skates why did you replace them? Unless they are identical and the only difference is the blade length, why have you isolated this one factor as the cause? I doubt that blade length is something that most people give a thought to, including high level players.
I bought these new skates (x40s) because my current ones (eastons) are getting old, I figure they've got another year or less of use in them. And I was given an opportunity to get new skates a fantastic deal, more than 50% off the price i'd pay in a store in Canada.

I was concerned about the blade length because that seemed to be a possible reason why I could do crossovers backwards and forwards so well in my current skates but in my old skates it felt like my feet would give out on me at that crucial moment when one is balanced on a single skate and carving the ice to turn. I figured blade length might be a difference.

In any case, its seems like the profiling might have been the difference. I'll talk to my guy, and see what he thinks. Guess I won't really know for sure until I can try them on, which won't be for a while unfortunately.

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