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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
This is true. A 263 is used on both a 7 and 7.5 skate, a size 8 will jump to 272.

However, a 272 runner will NOT fit into a 263 holder. I know there is a bit of a gap in the holder, I have 263 LS2 on my skates. A LS2.1 runner for a 263 will fit into the same holder and take up that little bit of space, however, its still a 263, NOT a 272.

A LS2.1 runner in 263 will give you ALMOST the length of a normal 272 runner. This is your only option for a longer runner on your skate. Its also not a huge expense to do it, however, I think its extremely unnecessary. Additionally, the lengths of runners from Tuuk, Easton, Graf, etc, all the same size of 263, will also all be different actual lengths.

The feel of the skate has much more to do with the pitch of the holder, the aggressiveness of the skate boot and the profile of the runner. All three of these could have been different on your two skates and will affect how you feel. It will also be different on the Bauers and will affect how you feel.

Get the skates, skate on them a few times and then start to work with someone that actually knows something about profiling and skate fitting and they'll help you narrow down what you need to do to get the feel you're looking for. The very last thing anyone doing this kind of work will do is look to change the runner length.

BTW, I went from a skate that was too big for me and had a longer holder/runner on it and was concerned before buying mine about how it would make me feel. I considered swapping holders and such, but was told I was making waaaaay too big a deal about blade length. I got my new skates and had a real hard time dealing with the different pitch and positioning of the new skates. I worked with someone, asked questions and eventually got my runners profiled and put a lift in the heel and it transformed the skates and made them way better than I could hope.

Do this and stop worrying about the length and WHEN the new skates feel different, do not blame it on the length and work with the other things you can work with to get them right for you.

Good Luck.

No, as stated.

Cool, thanks for the help. I won't worry about it too much till I actually skate in them a few times. Hopefully the simple fact that they're a much higher quality skate (x-40s instead of my current Easton S6) will help a ton.

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