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09-04-2010, 09:26 AM
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sigh. i'll continue to bite. i can't help myself, even tho i'm arguing with someone who called for a strategy that had an enforcer to play on the 1st line and stand in front of the net.

Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
Wait...are you saying a defenseman doesn't have to look around to check on his positioning in relation to his mates?
Are you also saying that being the last defenseman back has no bearing on whether or not to pinch?
...oh, you said it's situation dependent. The situation was he was the only one between the other team and Vokoun, and he pinched...and they scored.
I just started wactching yesterday, there was a replay of the Phillies and Boston the other day, Philly scored in the 4th quarter to win.
So excuse my novice for asking for your advice on whether or not you think it's a good idea to a D-man to slide into the O-zone, not all the time, but in the particular situation that is being discussed.
the game is all about your positioning relative to teammates. it's called support. and it sounds like mccabe was playing off of that to try to create something. it's not a pinch, though, it's a cut - he wasn't trying to cut off an exit play, he was driving to the net. in a pinch situation, the weak side D usually pulls back to cover the middle but on the PP, you see Dmen cutting to the net all the time. it's usually from the weakside and not off a strong side 2v1 high, which it sounds like you are describing but they do it with nobody behind them. it's not wrong.

So...did you or did you not see/remember the play? (I really didn't have to ask to know, I just want to see if you'll admit it here...)
What doesn't make sense? I'll try to explain it.
i don't remember the play with mccabe. i'm going off of your description - stillman on the half wall and mccabe up top. that play (2v1 high) happens all the time on the PP. i can imagine a scenario where the defender overplays the high pass but doesn't take away the lane to the net and mccabe went for it. doesn't happen all the time but it's not wrong. show me the video and i'll reconsider.

but this is about ballard, and you can't blame teammates, *no matter what they did or didn't do* for ballard consistently turning the puck over exiting the zone. there's absolutely no way. regardless of how much your support ****s up, you have the responsibility to at least get a clear and that should always be possible using the glass or with a high lob into the neutral zone. ballard consistently made dumb plays trying to force the issue.

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