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09-04-2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by The Mouth View Post
First of all whether you like dagoon or not I personally give him props for jumping the boards for a friend and he is the type of guy who would do it not just on a message board but in real life.

He perceived me and the show getting attacked and like all good friends went on the offense

As far as the voice goes there seems to be a growing contingent that likes the voice.

Maybe the people who dont like it believe that any comedy and sports talk a bad mix or just really find the voice downright unlistenable.

Who knows ?? But thanks for the input and as promised I will go with my real voice on the next show and see what the reaction is.
I think the problem is half the people just think that by hearing the mouth's voice he is just rambling on which is completely not the case. I don't have a list of the mouth's credentials in front of me but if I remember correctly he was mentioned on a versus hockey broadcast once and if you listen to what he talks about he really knows his stuff. Rock on Mouth

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