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09-05-2010, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by STUpid View Post
I'm sure every STU fan enjoyed watching X beat UNB last season. That said, every STU fan would love to trade UNB's "problems" for our own.

SnipeShow, I get it, Mike must be your buddy and you don't want to criticize him. What's the solution then? You've got poor recruiting/lack of talent, poor coaching, or lazy/unmotivated players or some combination of each. How does any of that NOT fall on the coach's shoulders?

And before you say "Mike needs to give up control", I ask again... do you really think he's going to give up even a bit of control? And if he won't, then what do you do?
One more sTu fan to add to the pile. Good to have you on board. Welcome.

I read your questions as typical ones. There seems to be more questions than answers. The frustration of the fans is showing itself with plenty of negativity towards Mike and people not showing up at the games anymore. Some long time fans of the Tommies have just given up. What about all the gate revenue the team is losing, this stuff all contributes.

How many people here actually think STU can make the playoffs with the talent Mike recruited this year?

I think STU's chances are very weak.

Seriously, enough with the trolling.
Rob, no ones trolling. I would say there is a lot of frustration leading to these questions.

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