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Originally Posted by PenIceAge View Post
1) The Knicks claimed to have sold STH...yet NYR still lists them on them website.
So...did the Knicks sell out..and if so...why haven't we?
What gives?
Is NY just more of a hoops wasn't long ago (2-3 years) we had a wait list.

2) HOW can JD have tickets available 5 mins before face off and claim 18200 sell out?
If that were the case, then wouldn't every team sell out every game?

3) Why is it we sold out all games BUT the blizzard game, and we had only 13000?
Usually when you come close to full sell outs, you never are more than 500 short, so can how the 1 non sellout be 5K short?
1) Yes, there are more Knicks fans than Rangers fans. The difference is the Rangers fan base I believe, is much more hardcore than the Knicks base.

2) They are required to hold a certain amount of tickets back for players, league officials, team/league employees, etc. If those tickets do not get claimed, they put them out for sale to the public. EVERY team does it.

3) Not sure which blizzard game you are referring.

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