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09-05-2010, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
I understand where your coming from, and I really have no love for cablevision or verizon, i find them both to be like all companies, greedy and self serving.

The reason I side with cablevision in this matter though, is because they own original content (MSG) and I dont think they should be forces to pass it along to anyone at a price they are not happy with.
Just like we all read about in the news earlier this year, when ABC wanted more money from cablevison to carry ABC's original content. ABC had original content, that cablevision wanted to air, and they worked out a price. Somehow I believe if Verizon offered up the right price they would have MSG HD.

I know its not the same thing, but imagine if Burger King filed a suit and said "McDonalds has to let us sell the Big Mac or we can't compete as strongly with them in the NY area."

It just makes no sense, if verizon doesnt like it they can buy the islanders and hold their broadcast rights.

Cablevision made the investment in purchasing MSG as an additional revenue stream, they bought an asset to boost their income, why should they have to pass it along to the competition. If verizon wants it so bad they should offer cablevison enough money to make it worth it to cablevision to pass it along.
Fortunately Cablevision will lose because they are engaging in unfair business practices. Do you really think the reasonable solution is to tell each cable company to buy an NHL team if they don't like the monopoly that one company has? That's crazy.

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