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09-05-2010, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bones45 View Post
STP last night at the beach was great.

Weather, as it can often play a part in the enjoyment of a show down there, was perfect.. a little windy for some, but I loved it.

I was maybe 8 ft from stage and it was killer. Scott looked and sounded healthy, but he is/was still on something.. Maybe something as simple as weed, but he didnt sound sober. He looked strong and sounded great.. He wasnt frail at all and romped around stage without any issue. The skinny H days, hopefully, are over.....

The band sounded great. However.. I think everyone still hates each other. There was no banter for the almost 2+ hours they played.. Just tunes.. some intro's by Scott on which song/album the next tune was from.

I wont go as far as saying that they arent talking or dealing with each other based upon what I saw, but I def wouldnt be surprised--- there is more love shown at a VH concert.

One thing I caught was Scott saying "this is a song off my new album".....

Ummm...*******... Its not YOUR new album...its STP's new album... and I think that might be the core of the problem ( no pun intended)..
Was there as well, it was a very solid show. They played a good selection, since they had new material which was subpar comparatively to the old stuff, some songs like Creep, Sour Girl, were excluded. Was in last row of lover level.

From what I know from a guy on the Island who worked on Velvet Revolver is that Weiland when on drugs is an easier guy to get a long with, when sober he has a huge ego, he submitted lyrics for the 2nd velvet revolver album that just about ended the band.

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