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09-06-2010, 02:20 AM
Go Stoll Go
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Originally Posted by DAkings20 View Post
Wait a sec hes a clown because he went on the price is right(I dont know if you recall but Dustin Brown was there too). I don't love Stoll and I have mentioned it on here multiple times but your above statement makes no sense.
Basically i'm not talking about Stoll, i was thinking about Armstrong.
For sure i remember Brown and Greene there too........
And that is exactly my point.
If a player produces and is doind the Job right i love to see him goofing around
im TV shows because he deserves it.
Players like These Armstrongs, Stolls, Willsies should spend every free second in a gym or the practice rink to get at least half a step forward.
But we have always the clowns who doesn't develope and still hanging around in game shows or fun stuff areas.

That is my point

I'm just tired of 17 years full of bridge players and may be over react.
But i could puke to see a player like Stoll shooting a blocking player into the face from
5 feet distance when this player is already in blocking position.
How often does he shot the blocker on PP and the puck was deflected out.
He shoots just because he doesn't know better.

These are the players i'm talking about.
And these are the players we have to get rid off as soon as we can if we ever want to have a shot at the cup

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