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09-06-2010, 03:49 PM
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lol. Just read what Matt Barry precited for the Kings this season. Good for a laugh:

In the West, RIGHT NOW, I'm gonna say the Kings start the season 4-8-1 and never recover. There's just too much talent out west and Kopitar will have been waiting 4 years for a winger that never comes. He didn't get Drury, he didn't get Gaborik and he didn't get Kovalchuk. Too much of a burden rides on him and the pressure gets to be too much. Doughty, still exhausted after the Olympics doesn't have a great season. Jack Johnson is hurt again.

Of course, one trade and my prediction will change

Your turn.

Man those must have been the most exhausting Olympics ever. I knew Drew's conditioning needed work but man... A half-year later and he is still tuckered out.


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