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10-03-2003, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
None of that explains why WE couldn't have traded Green for a draft pick.

And don't bring up Tenkrat. If the Leafs wanted him that bad, we could have easily exposed Renberg and no one would have even given him a sniff.
Yah Yah your Renberg Bashing is getting old around here just like Sluggo and his Kaberle rants..

If Renberg was exposed he to would have probably been taken.. Maybe maybe not no ones because it didn't happen..

Just like your Green point... The only team that gave a 6th for Green was Boston and I can certainly understand why GM Fergy did not contact a division rival for his rights.. and if someone was going to give a 6th for Green before the waiver draft they would logically have to protect Green and expose another player which most teams would not be willing to do..

Not only would they be taking on a 1.6 million in Salary , they would give up a 6th and another of their own 18 player protected list.. I can tell you NOT MANY TEAMS would have done that... after the draft Boston was willing to do that, not before ..

So if Toronto's goal was simply to reduce salary and make room on the roster for a more deserving player ..Then they made a very smart move and one could agrue if they had more players ready for NHL service they should have tried to dump more Salaries..

Leafs just added Ken Klee for 1.5 million and to make that happen they in essences cut Green to make that happen at 1.6 million..

If both players would have been under contract I can almost guarantee that Washington would not have traded Green for Klee straight up.. So if we believe Klee is more important now than Green is then again it was a good move and the Tenkrat was just a long shot icing on the cake that cost Leafs Zero right now..

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