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09-06-2010, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I'm emo because I say you're wrong?

An emo kid would see that you're wrong and go listen to Simple Plan and cut himself.

I notice that you've still continuing to avoid defending your actual rankings and are instead trying to turn this into a Shafer-FlyHigh thing instead of trying to justify why Mike Testwuide is ranked a 6.5B.

So tell me, what attributes in Mike Testwuide do you see that give him a significant possibility of becoming better than Kris Draper? Please, enlighten me. This is a forum for hockey debate after all.
Read this again:

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
6.5 means that the player's potential is that of a good or solid 3rd line player capable of jumping into 2nd line minutes if such a need arises even though they will not be a permanent fit at that position.

The B means that they could drop below that.

So a 6.5B means they could become a consistently good third line player with the ability to jump into higher roles, but they will more than likely fall down a half grade or possibly even a full grade to just an average third liner or a strong fourth liner.
Nodl and Testwuide both fit that definition.

Now, if you insist on "comparing" them to Kris Draper, even though they are not the same type of players:

1. Nodl is probably closest to Kris Draper being that he is solid defensively, can forecheck well, and can work well in corners. He leaves a bit to be had to Draper's defensive ability and leadership ability, but Draper is one of the best when it comes to those things. Also it should be noted that Nodl is a more talented offensive player than Draper. Even though he has not displayed it yet, and may never, he has the skill set to be a pretty good secondary scorer. He's probably a lesser version of Draper throughout his NHL career though.

2. Testwuide is more of a Knuble mold, who can keep up defensively. His job is to crash the net and, in doing so, help others generate offense while chipping in himself. He's an alright defensive player, and a physical powerforward even though we don't know how quickly he will adjust to the size, speed, and physicality of the NHL. He was considered the most NHL-ready college player for a reason. Even though he does not have as good an offensive skill set as Nodl, he provides a different type of service to an organization that might need his particular mold of player.

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