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09-06-2010, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Das Rancor View Post
Hah, Alestorm, good fun... Though I like The Huntmaster best, I mean "with the power of ale he could not fail!". Full of win.

And you could count it to my favourite genre: folk/pagan metal! I sincerely recommend bands like Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Moonsorrow, Korpiklaani, Turisas and Finntroll. Especially Moonsorrow and Eluveitie.

Then there's Haggard with its combination of baroque classic and (black) metal, not their last album though... At least I didn't like it... Gogol Bordello's latest is superb... Airbourne's first..
Yup, that's a great line. Thanks for mentioning the other bands (and to everyone else for pointing out a few/making comments; I'll be looking up this thread for quite some time.) I bought Battle Metal by Turisas, randomly, when I bought the Alestorm album.

After playing out the Alestorm album for a while, I've been going back to the Wintersun album more often than not from that batch.


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