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09-07-2010, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Percyswan View Post
I think it is possible, they went to the Vancouver and Salt Lake Olympics in the middle of the year even though NHL doesn't make any money from them. World Cup revenue would go to the NHL and it would likely be in NA most of the time keeping the tournament length down. This would be even easier to do if the NHL moved the All-star game to before the NHL season (or ditched it in WC years) since it doesn't matter and the players don't need to be a 100% to play it, giving the NHL more room to fit it in the schedule. The league could also consider starting the season a little earlier (say a week or so) to spread out the games a little better in WC years to lower the amount injuries and allocate more time to WC schedule.

The NHL has some opinions if they wanted to do this. With that said I think the Olympics will be the only international event that will be so highly regarded, WC and WHC can't challenge it. They won't likely even get full participation in those events and the Olympic champion will always be considered the true champion, I think (as long as NHL continues to go). I do think a World Cup would be closer to that than the World Hockey Championship though.
The Olympics are another thing, of course palyers go to there. But World Cup in the middle of the season and held only in North America? Fat chance of getting the Europeans to go along with that. And scheduling would be impossible for games to be played in different continents.

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