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09-07-2010, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
I never heard of the yellow line before now, but as an immediate, temporary solution I think it is outstanding.

Basically it eliminates the illogical conclusions that the former goal review system necessitated (we know the puck is across the goal line, but there is no clear view of "white ice" between the puck and the line). It is a built in heuristic that makes the current video review model much more comprehensive.

Sensor-based review should still be the goal, but this should go into effect NOW. Never a good thing to let good goals go uncounted.

My idea of how it would work:

So what about the puck that's on it's axis, spinning, etc? That won't touch the yellow line, and you'll still have that same crap as last season.

I can't find the picture, but some people actually made diagrams of the relation of the camera to the net, etc. The puck looks like it's over but in actuality it's on almost 45 degree angle, and the corner was touching the red line.

the yellow line is hokum. only works if the puck is flat on the ice.

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