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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
No one will take his contract for sure.
Well, someone probably would... but along with the Devs paying in some blood along with him.

They were dangerous enough to be top 3 team in the East. Just because we had no problems playing them does not mean they did not school Pittsburgh a number of times.
Being dangerous in the regular season is a far cry from being dangerous in the playoffs... as a Flyer fan, you should be well aware of this by now. We've had a lot of "dangerous" teams with high seeds that got put our of their misery relatively quickly.

Devs have had consistent problems in the playoffs since the lockout... it isn't an accident.

First of all, every team is beatable with an aggressive forecheck and 2nd, any team can do a lot of demage in playoffs. Sometimes it's all about matching. On paper, Devils could beat anyone but us in 1st round. Right?
Not every team is beatable relying on an aggressive forecheck. If you're too aggressive against a steady puck moving group you're going to get burned with your forecheckers caught in deep and odd-man rushes going the other way. That's why puck moving D are so valuable... they back off the forecheck, and if it doesn't back off, they spring you on rushes.

And, no, I don't agree that the Devs could beat anyone but us in the 1st round... they might have faired better against other teams, but our seeding was a mirage as we were better than where we finished due to that absurdly poor stretch that led to the Stevens firing.

One man rush against Pronger or Timonen won't work for the next 3 years for sure. Kovy did not look bad in playoffs, he tried. However, the rest of NJ Devils team looked like poop. Where was Elias, Parise (I thougth he played below his level), Langenbrunner was MIA big time, Rolston was kind of average not to mention coaching was iffy.

Marty played well giving up one bad goal against Carcillo.

I am not happy that Flyers will have Leighton like golatedning against Parise Kovalchuk like players for the next 10 years, while Pronger and Timonen are not getting any younger.
Yes, because it's difficult to play with a player like Kovy... guys end up standing around watching a lot.

Also, saying the Devs aren't particularly great isn't suggesting that the Flyers don't have their own problems. I think we should finish ahead of the Devs in the standings, but don't like our prospects come playoff time if we get a real offense throwing darts at our goaltending either.

However, we have the skaters to dominate play against most teams in the league right now, IMO.

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