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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Don't want "500 word essays" [editorial note: your post was longer than mine], fine.

Answer me this: What have the Devs won since losing Stevens? What have they won since losing Nieds? What have they won since losing Rafalski?
They won division titles?
Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You act as if they've kept on being a force of nature without those guys? They haven't. They've been a very strong regular season team because they're consistent over the 82 game schedule, get good goaltending, have a team philosophy, and just putter along and do their thing. Great. But that ain't what championships are made of.
They are a very good consistent team. Always were. It's true, I also said that NJ Devils improved goaltending, D and forwards in this off season and as a Flyers fan I do not like what they did because they got better. I will not ignore it because we beat them last year playoffs.

You going to tell NJ Devils what championships are made of? I think they know it.
Originally Posted by Jester View Post
They have won 2 playoff series since '02-'03. 2. 16-26 in the playoffs.
If they've been adjusting to the loss of those guys, then they need to try something else.
They are trying somehting else this season. They actually went and signed 4 UFAs and improved their team everywhere. Does not mean they will win SC and it does not mean 1st round exit either.

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