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Originally Posted by Mr Bojanglez View Post
Yes, we are a contender. I think Zajac is better than you give him credit. He's not a #1C in terms of production, but he is elsewhere. He's a Selke candidate, and was our best defensive forward the past 2 years (that includes with Parise each year, and Madden the year before). He's like a 1b. He'll likely never be the point producer, but you don't necessarily need that when you play with Parise. Back to back 60 + Point seasons. He seems to improve, he's also young. Based on last year, he only needs 3 more to crack 70 points. Quite possible with an improved powerplay.
A "1b" isn't going to cut it for a true contender. Look at every other contender out there. What other ones have a 70-point (at best) 1b as their primary center?

Philly has Richards and Carter. Pittsburgh has Malkin and Crosby. Washington has Backstrom. Vancouver has H. Sedin. Detroit has Datsyuk.

I just don't see how a 1b center that has yet to hit 70 points is good enough for a championship team.

Neither Greene or Volchenkov are #1s, but they're both very good at what they do. Volcheckov will eat up minutes, allowing the other Dmen to play normal amounts (so long as he's healthy). Mike Mottau played WAY too much, because he had to. Greene soured out because, prior to last year, the most he had ever done was 59 games in a season. He was tired. He has the ability to improve, and can be a great asset on the back end. I admit its a gamble... but he could end up being a cheap, decent Puck-moving Dman. That's the risk they're taking here. Can't always buy the talent. And we couldn't retain Paul Martin... he didn't want to stay here. So this was by far the best we could do this year... and it makes me happy, to be honest.
Doesn't really matter if that's the best the Devils could do. Fact remains that the Devils don't have one player that's truly capable of anchoring a top pairing and your best offensive d-man is Greene, which is just sad frankly. Beyond him the collective offensive talent from the back-end is just pitiful.

Our "core" is not Arnott and not Hedberg (We JUST signed Hedberg. Why would you even include him?). Heck, i wouldn't really consider Langenbunner there. But he is the captain, so he counts for something. I'd say our core is Elias, Brodeur, Parise, White and Zajac. 2 oldies, 2 youngins.. and White. You'd have to include Kovalchuk in that core, as well, seeing how we have him for 15 years. He's only 27.
I know what your core is and I didn't mean to say that Hedberg and Arnott are important pieces of your team.

I was just trying to point out that a lot of your team, some of them important pieces of your core, are getting up there in age.

Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Thats cool and all, so how would you compare those minor NJ Devils changes to Flyers off season improvements.
I'm not sure what the Flyers have to do with this. This is about how good the Devils are and whether they're contenders or not.

Besides, our GM is Paul Holmgren. Theirs is Lou Lamiorello. It's kind of a given which GM will have the better off-season.

By the way, you keep ignoring and I keep telling you.. Martin played only 22 something games for NJ last season.
What you keep telling me? You've only replied to me once.

Like I said before, the Devils are an elite the regular season. They can cope with the loss of guys like Martin in the regular season because of the way they play. That's why most people just assume the Devils will make the playoffs ever year.

It's in the playoffs when their weaknesses really show themselves, that much is evident. Martin was healthy for the playoffs last year and it still wasn't good enough to make it out of the first round. Now they've replaced him with Volchenkov and Tallinder and they may still lose Salvador. I fail to see how that is an improvement.

Obviously, Lou thinks Greene can step in replace Martin, he already did!
If you're calling Greene a number one d-man, then I don't know what to tell you there.

Like I said before, when players are relied upon to score, they produce more points then they normally would. That's what happened to Greene. He was the Devils primary (well, pretty much their only) offensive threat on the back-end and their only person capable of replacing Martin for any period of time.

The fact that the Devils best d-man is arguably Greene is a problem in of itself.

Devils did not drop one bit with out Martin. If anything special teams slightly improved if we compare them to 08 and 07 as well as GA.
And yet they still failed in the playoffs. The part of the season that really matters.

You also mentioned somewhere that you do not think Brodeur is top 5 goaltender anymore? Are you serious?

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