Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ottawa to host the All-Star Game in 2012.
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09-07-2010, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Hutz View Post
dang straight, i was looking forward to my 3$ back.

Still, I agree, it's a sign of respect from the league, and even though I find the all-star game a worthless waste of a weekend, it's nice to know it actually does make the rounds to cities that are long established hockey communites and aren't massively populated (by NHL standards).

Let's also keep in mind that there are 30 teams in the league today, it's not necessarily a slight that it took 20 years. It's less of a slight when you consider that the last two olympic years didn't have all-star games, and two were lost to lockouts. So, our Sens have only seen 16 all-star games, and we'll host the 18th.

Still, we have to get used to our lot... a lot of fans seem to still have the attitude that Ottawa is a poor small market team that gets overlooked. I was one pre-lockout. Nowadays with a strong owner and a strong dollar, we're closer to the haves than the have-nots. And while the league does bend over backwards to help some non-traditional market teams, it did the same when our team was threatened with relocation.

I'm sorry. I started with a joke and it turned into a rant. I do hope you take my point, though. I'm not saying it's most, I'm not even saying it's a lot, but some Sens fans in some posts above still seem to have the attitude that the league is out to get us, and I'm definitely not a fan of that mentality.
I don't think most see ottawa as a small poor market.Part of the probleam is ottawa is a small market but in alot of ways are expected to act like a big market.

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