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09-07-2010, 08:51 PM
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It wouldn't have been a problem if we just drafted Denis Savard in the first place! I started as a hockey fan while only cheering for individual players and not teams.. Denis Savard was and is my all time favorite hockey player ( Mr.Orr as well ).. And when he came to the Habs and finally got to left Lord Stanley over his head.. I guess I just stuck with the Habs.. That's what.. 18 and 19 years now I've been a die hard Habs fan because my favorite won the cup here..

Some might say that's not a good enough reason to stick with a team, its more like jumping on the bandwagon.. If I cheered for the Hawks, then yes I'd agree but since the FIRST TEAM I've ever cheered for was Montreal, I don't think I'm a bandwagon jumper oner haha..

And who knows.. If we drafted Savard, maybe '86 would have ended differently as well.. You never know.. That wouldve been Savard in his prime.. Man..

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