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09-07-2010, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
I was away for the weekend and couldn't see either friendly, but from what I've read this is as sorry a situation as I've ever seen Canada. I mean, I thought they hit the bottom of the barrel in the last WCQ, but I think they're finding a whole new level this go-around.
Hey at least they won tonight. Of course, beating the Honduras C squad isn't an overly impressive feat, but when you've scored one goal in seven matches its nice.

I actually liked the 4-3-3 they played with tonight. Simpson/Jackson on the wings appears to be quite dangerous, the problem is that they still can't provide enough service for Friend to be effective. I wouldn't mind seeing Gerba back in there. The really nice thing would be for Hoilett to start playing for us so maybe we can move Jackson into the middle.

Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
It has become so bad that I think CONCACAF should re-think providing Canada with automatic byes to the GC and WCQ preliminaries.
Personally I'd love for Canada to need to qualify for the Gold Cup. You look at competitions like the Caribbean Cup and Central American Cup and its free FIFA points for the better countries there (with a decent multiplier). The issue is that Canada/USA/Mexico are always top 12 in the region so they can't have one of them not qualify, and frankly if Canada had to go to Central America to attempt to do so they'd probably lose at this point.

We get the same auto-byes that countries like Cuba get in WCQ, so they're probably OK on that point. With the new format that's coming into place pretty much every country not named Guyana will start in the same round. Hopefully Canada moves up to 6th or 7th in the region by the next Gold Cup where the draw will probably be based from (not out of the question at all), and ends up in an easy group.

Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
And BTW, what the hell is up with only 10,000 fans showing up to the friendly against Peru? TFC sells out regularly but people can't be bothered to go watch the national team? It just adds to what's wrong in this country when it comes to soccer.
Sadly there's just not much interest in the team. I was there Saturday in the supporters' section, and we pretty much had 112, 113, 114 and 127, and then everything else (a sporadic filling of the lower level) was Peru fans. Of course, a long weekend friendly against an opponent that most fans couldn't name one player from doesn't exactly entice a large turnout either. If say, Peru magically moved to North America and that was a WCQ, I'm sure there would've been more people in the crowd.

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