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09-08-2010, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
Then why reply? Why not just wait for the news when someone like Hammond reports about it instead of responding in this thread? If you don't want to be told something in advance, then why reply? Just wait. But you take the time to reply to this, which tells me you DO like to find things out beforehand, otherwise you wouldn't be taking the time to reply. You just want attention for YOURSELF.

See what I did there?
I didn't ask you what the news was, therefore I will just wait until tomorrow or whenever the news comes out. As for me just wanting attention, so you admit you only do this for attention?

You just glazed over my entire post, you act like you are a notch above the rest of us just because you happen to know someone that we don't know, is that a talent? a skill? Im all for you passing on knowledge if/when you have it. I just don't understand why you have this arrogance about you as if YOU personally are the one making decisions and creating this news.

EDIT: I welcome any Kings news, even Kings rumors but why do you have an attitude about it?

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