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09-08-2010, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Well.... if 80 million/15 years was as far as Lombardi wanted to go, LA fans can console themselves that it would have never happened. 20 million dollars is more than a little bit, and the cap-hit/deal construction would have never been accepted.

The whole idea that Kovy was blown off by Lombardi's questions seems retarded to be honest, and it is more likely planted by the Kings PR-people to make it appear less of a failure not getting it done after all the talk.
Cap-cautiousness or not, if Kovy had gone to LA for 6.666 million per as it ultimately came out for New Jersey, it would have been a splendid deal that would propel LA up there as one of the outright cup-favourites. Now they remain 'only' a dark horse, and that's a bit of a shame considering what a cap/cup-window this season was/is for them.
I highly doubt the Kings' PR department would want to spread a rumor about Lombardi turning Kovalchuk off with his questioning since there is a large segment of Kings' fans who do not approve of Lombardi's negotiating tactics.

Also, I know it has been widely reported that the Kings' offer was 15 years/$80 million, but when Lombardi was on Fan590 immediately after Kovalchuk accepted New Jersey's first offer, he casually mentioned several times that the Kings' offer was for 13 years.

Who knows if that was a mistake on his part (I doubt it since he seems to be a very meticulous and caluculating person), but I think it changes things a little bit. Obviously the Kings were $20 million short where it mattered most, but there is a difference between an annual average value of $5.33 million and $6.15 million. That's more than New Jersey had to adjust their cap hit for the second contract.

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